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The Moorish Science Academy is a spiritual and cultural organisation dedicated to the comparative study and personal experience of the inner traditions of East and West. While the Academy is primarily concerned with the mystical and esoteric streams within Christianity and Islam, we also seek to cultivate ‘inter-faith dialogue’ encompassing all mystical paths. Upholding the principle of a ‘higher unity within the greatest diversity’, we enjoy fraternal relations with a number of initiatic societies, independent Churches and alternative religious movements around the world.

The Moorish Science Academy was established in Australia in 2003 as the outer work of the Noble Order of the Holy Moorish Temple (N.O.H.M.T.), an initiatic Order deriving  from Darul Hikmet, a dervish brotherhood active in the southern hemisphere since the early 1980s.

The Academy is named in honour of all those noble men and women who undertook the journey to the Muslim lands of the East in search of the science of illumination. ‘Moor’ being the classical name in Europe for the Muslim people of North Africa which came to be synonymous with ‘Muslim’. ‘Science’ refers to the esoteric sciences.

Through articles, publications, lectures and study circles the Moorish Science Academy works to shed light on the inner wisdom of Islam and Christianity, and foster a deep appreciation of the mystic core at the heart of every religion.

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Mehmet Sabeheddin-Bey
Director of Studies 

"Noble travelers, we are of no era, of no place."
- Count Alessandro Cagliostro (1743-1795)



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