t the time of the Crusades the idea of an “esoteric Islam” began to sift back to Europe along with all the spices and silks – and books – the holy warriors of Christ managed to “liberate” from the Holy Land. Did the Ismaili “Assassins” pass along some secret knowledge to the Templars? And is this why the Templars were proscribed, tortured, executed, extirpated with such seemingly insane hatred? Were alchemy and Neoplatonism passed along through Moorish Spain to the rest of Europe, especially Italy and France? Did St. Francis and Roger Bacon and other mystical missionaries to the Saracens bring back with them some elements of Islamic gnosis, hermetic science, and Sufism?
– Peter Lamborn Wilson

Here you will find articles covering different aspects of the secret liaison between the Christian West and the Islamic East. Information on the legendary Assassins, Sufi mysticism, the Bektashi dervishes, alongside introductions to the life and work of Sir Richard Burton and Noble Drew Ali. More articles will be added in the coming months.



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